Feros Freight

Feros is evolving the freight trailer from a box on wheels into a source of value creation that enables trucking companies to move freight cheaper, faster, and cleaner. The product under development is a battery electric trailer that provides power assist to the semi-truck, reducing diesel fuel consumption. By integrating existing technologies seamlessly through the trailer, we are creating the first system that solves the barriers to plug-in, alternative energy adoption in heavy-duty trucking.


VERGE Accelerate: Transport, GreenBiz, Oakland, CA, Finalist, August 2018
Global Business Challenge, University of Queensland, Australia, Finalist, July 2018
Collegiate Challenge, InventOR, U.S.A., Finalist, July 2018
MBA Capstone Project, University of Oregon, U.S.A., 1st Place, June 2018
Big Picture Award, Glympse, U.S.A., May 2018
RAINmaker Award, RAIN, U.S.A., May 2018
U.S. Department of Energy Cleantech UP, UC Berkeley, U.S.A., 1st Place, April 2018
U.S. Department of Defense Cleantech UP Award, UC Berkeley, U.S.A., April 2018
Rice Business Plan Competition, Rice University, U.S.A., Semi-Finalist, April 2018
Environmental Innovation Challenge, Alaska Airlines, 3rd Place, March 2018
Social Impact Prize, University of Colorado, U.S.A., 2nd Place, March 2018
Stu Clark Investment Competition, University of Manitoba, Canada, 2nd Place, March 2018
Brown Foreman Cardinal Challenge, University of Louisville, U.S.A., Semi-Finalist, February 2018
Bangkok Business Challenge, Sasin School of Business, Thailand, Finalist, February 2018